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Note: This Mussell geneology will always be under construction as new information is received from distant relatives from around the globe who are also tracing the family tree. Last Updated: 1/7/2006.

The Mussell Family Crest
Motto Translated: By the favour of Providence.
Origin Displayed: English
First found in Lincolnshire, where it was first recorded in 1230.

I have received many letters these past few years from people with the last name Mussell seeking a genealogical connection. A few very enterprising people even sent me packages filled with family charts, letters, and photos. I thought it time we compile all of these together into one web site so everyone can see the data and let us know if they have anything to contribute to the holes we have in our timeline.

I am grateful to one fellow in particular, Alan Mussell, who searched the name in England. Sadly, the email and address I have for Alan no longer are valid so I can no longer stay in touch.

What appears to be true about the Mussell name, is there is a large number of people with our name are in England, centered south of London in Whiltshire. There is evidence the Mussells were a landed family in the 14th century and had a coat of arms (dog standing on legs with a pointed cap. They are mentioned for only three generations, after which the family name disappears from the lists of that type of nobility.

There are many people in the same part of England and Scotland who spell their name slightly differently (Musel, Mussel, Mussell, Muscel, Muscelle and more) in England. Not enough research has been done to connect all these threads together.

The Mussell lineage on this Pre-1776 page is all from England. Unfortunately we have no definitive link between this entire group and my branch, which can be traced back to the American Revolutionary War (see Mussell 1776-1900) We think the connection (if there is one) exists in the John Mussell Family Group (ID # III.c.1.b.1.g in table below) But we need outside help to find out the names of any missing children in this 1750-1800 time frame to verify the link (if any.) Anyway, here is what we have so far:

Original 3 Siblings (parents unknown) all born in England (source: Rhian Mussell & Vital Records Index-British Isles- FHL # 1279375):
E.I.Joane Mussell (7/30/1622 - ?)    
E.II.John Mussell (? - ?)m. 10/29/1658
in Downton,Wiltshire,England
Joanne Lipps ( ? - ?)
E.III.William Mussell (7/13/1628 - ?)m. 10/29/1658
Double wedding?
Mary Plasket ( ? - ? )
5 Children of William and Mary (ID# E.III above), all born, married and died in Downton, Wiltshire, England:
E.III.a.William Mussell (7/8/1659 - 6/15/1664)    
E.III.b.Jane Mussell (10/5/1664 - ?)    
E.III.c.William Mussell (10/10/1664 - ? )
Named after his big brother who died same year?
m.10/30/1688 to Elizabeth
and married again ?/1711 to Suzanna
when he was 47
Elizabeth Painer (?-?)
Suzanna _____ (?-?)
Perhaps Elizabeth died in childbirth because her 3rd child is named Elizabeth?
Also, Suzanna's real maiden name unk but on marriage certificate
it is written as "Mussell" (clerical error?)
E.III.d.Mary Mussell (dates unk.)    
E.III.e.John Mussell (dates unk.)    
4 Children of William Mussell and Elizabeth Painer: (ID# III.c. above):
III.c.1.1. William Mussell ( 3/19/1689 - ?)m. 1718 Edith Waterman (? - ?)
E.III.c.2.2. Mary Mussell (1692 - ?)    
E.III.c.3.3. John Mussell (1695 - ?)    
E.III.c.4.4. Elizabeth (1699 - ?)
Perhaps mother died in childbirth so child given her name?
3 Children of William Mussell and Susanna _____: (also ID# III.c.above):
E.III.c.5.5. Joseph (1712 - ?)    
E.III.c.6.6. George (1718 - 1798)    
E.III.c.7.7. Susanna (1720 - ?) Again, perhaps mother died in
childbirth so child given her name?
6 Children of William Mussell and Edith Waterman (ID# III.c.1. above):
E.III.c.1.a1. William Mussell (4/16/1721 - 5/29/1721)
Note" He only live one month!
E.III.c.1.b2. Elizabeth Mussell (6/16/1722 - ?) Marriage date unknown Name "Unknown" (took Mussell name,
so possibly illigitimate)
E.III.c.1.c3. William Mussell (4/7/1723 - 9/22/1724)
Note: He only lived 17 months!
E.III.c.1.d William Mussell
B: Nov 15, 1727
D: Unknown
Marriage date unknown Mary ______ (? - ?)
III.c.1.e5. Edeth Mussell (10/18/1730 - ?)m. 8/14/1757 William Musselwhite
(FHL #1279375 Vital Records Index - British Isles)
E.III.c.1.f6. James Mussell (12/8/1733 - ?)m. 5/19/1755 Susannah Snelgrove (aka Susan) (? - ?)
One known child of Elizabeth Mussell and "Unknown" (Group ID# III.c.1.b. above):
E.III.c.1.b.1.James Mussell (1753 - ?)m. 1773Jane Foote
4 Children of William and Mary (Group ID# III.c.1.d above):
E.III.c.1.d.1Mary Mussell (3/20/1753 - ?)    
E.III.c.1.d.2Eadeth Mussell (aka Edeth) (5/22/1755 - pre 1757)
Died as infant, date unk.)
E.III.c.1.d.3Eadeth Mussell (7/11/1757 - ?)
7/28/1776 John White
E.III.c.1.d.4John Mussell (12/20/1761 - ?)    
7 Children of James Mussell and Jane Foote (III.c.1.b.1.above):
E.III.c.1.b.1.a1 James Mussell (1/17/1776 - 9/12/1787)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.b2 John Mussell (12/15/1776 - 9/12/1787)
Note: born 11 months apart and died same day age 11
E.III.c.1.b.1.c3 Mary Mussell (? - ?)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.d4 Samuel Mussell (? - ?)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.e5 Hannah Mussell (? - ?)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.f6 Thomas Mussell (? - ?)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.g7 John Mussell (5/18/1791 - ?)
Named for his older brother who died 3 1/2 years earlier?
Marriage Date unknown Elizabeth _____
7 Children of John Mussell and Elizabeth _____ (Group ID# E.III.c.1.b.1.g):
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.11 George Mussell (7/1/1810 - ? )    
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.22 Richard Mussell ( 1/12/1812 - 8/4/1812)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.33 John Mussell (4/10/1814 - ?)Marriage date unknown Susanna ___ (? - ?)
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.44 James Mussell (10/8/1827 - 11/23/1827)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.55 Thomas Mussell (10/8/1827 - ?)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.66 Issac Mussell (9/26/1830)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.g.77 George Mussell (1/23/1833)
Named for his older brother who died earlier?)
7 Children of John Mussell and Susanna ______ (Group ID# E.III.c.1.b.1.h.3):
E.III.c.1.b.1.h.3.11 Sarah Mussell (1848 - ?)    
E.III.c.1.b.1.h.3.22 Thirza Mussell (1850 - ?)    

Other Notes About these Seven Generations of Mussells Living in England
In her published diary, Jane Austin writes in a May 5, 1801 letter to her sister, Cassandra, that “Mrs. Mussell has my gown ready,” alluding that our ancestor was the author’s seamstress or handmaiden. No connection to our family line of this “Barbara Mussell” has ever been established.

On this side of the Atlantic, some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Jo Mussell, 15; who arrived in New England in 1635; while Robert Mussell, 14; came to Barbados in the same year.

Also there are stories passed down in family stories of a William Mufsells coming to colonial America in the early 1700s. His two sons (he also had 3 daughters), John and Thomas, joined the British Navy and Army respectively, during the 1770’s. John was a boat pilot and helped evacuate British loyalists from New York to Canada after the war. Both were awarded 100-acre land grants in Ontario province, as was the custom with discharged military, in lieu of back pay. We have records of a William Mussells owning land in Nova Scotia circ. 1786. Some of this info can be confirmed but not all of it. None of these people (William or sons John and Thomas) fit into the genealogy family groups shown above.

An unknown source (immigration records? family bibile?) is cited that shows a David, Frederick and William Musselman all came to Canada in 1831 from England.

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