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The surviving children of William and Jemima, photo taken Jan 7, 1911 in Altamont, Canada at family reunion:
Top row: (l-r): Annie (Spicer), Silvina "Sibbie" (Miner), Sarah (McConnell), and Catherine "Katie" (Holliston).
Bottom row: (l-r): Jacob "Jake" Mussell, Joseph "Josie" Mussell, Soloman "Sol" Mussell.
William and Jemima's Story:

John Mussell and Catharine Mussell had 15 children. William was their first child.

William Mussell (1812-1863) was a woodsman and farmer, and at another time he also worked in a local mine for awhile. His church affiliation was Anglican according to local church records. He and his family farmed near Merrickville, Ontario on the Rideau River. His parents, John & Catherine Ditor lived nearby.

The older spelling of the double s (fs) was replaced in this name as in all other writing by ss by 1830. The name Mussil appears in the census info as well, but we think that is just a misspelling by the census taker. There are other details about life in Osgoode Township gathered by Alan Mussell, but have not been communicated to me.

The family bible notes that she came to Canada in 1826 from Ireland. Jemima Lundy Mussell's mother's name was Sarah Lundy, according to Ontario marriage register, census and church records, and the family bible in posession of Kay Beachell, Winnepeg, Canada, granddaughter of Catherine Mussell Holliston. Alan Mussell says his grandfather, Art, remembered his grandmother singing in Irish when he was a small boy. Jemima was described by family members as blue-eyed and brown haired, very petite, and a strict diciplinarian. She was blind for her last 20 years, and died at age 81.

William and Jemima had 15 children, the oldest (Jane) having already died at age 19 by the time the youngest were born; Most of the children were self-taught musicians (father Wiliam playd the violin), and there are many family stories of their playing together at periodic family reunions.

Family records show that William Mussell died of blood poisoning following a logging accident. He was 51 years of age when he died, leaving a large family for Jemima to raise alone. The family built a schoolhouse on their farm, known as the Mussell Schoolhouse, which stood on the property until the 1960ís. In Jemimaís letters to her sons out west she writes about sending Levi to school for the winter. William & Jemima Mussell are buried in a country cemetery outside of Merrickville.

All but one of Williamís sons left the area to settle in Manitoba when the west opened up in the 1870ís.They founded Mussellborough (Altamonte) in Manitoba.

Solomon was the only son who stayed in the Merrickville, Ontario. He purchased a farm on the Rideau River near Osgoode, Ontario where he & his wife, Maria Vaughan, raised their family of nine children. Jemima did not move west either, but lived with Solomon until her death in 1906. (The 1901 census shows Jemima living with her son Solomon.)

I.a.William Mussell
B: 1812 or 1814, Coventry England
D: Jun 3, 1863, Merrickville, Wolford, U.C.
Buried at Merrickville Cemetary, Wolford.
married Jun 3,1838
Wolford, Johnstown Dist, U.C.
Jemima Lundy
B: 1820, Armagh, Ulster,Co. Ireland
D: May 25, 1906, Merrickville, Wolford, U.C.
Buried at Merrickville Cemetary, Wolford.


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William Mussell and Jemima Lundy Mussell had 15 children (3 died at or near childbirth) (ID# I.a. above):
I.a.1.Jane Anne Mussell
B: 1838, Wolford
D: Aug 2 1857, Merrickville
I.a.2.James C. Mussell
B: Mar 31, 1840, Merrickville
D: Oct 26, 1920, Nyssa Oregon
UnmarriedNoted guide in Adirondacks
I.a.3.Catherine "Katie" Mussell
B: Dec 7, 1842, Merrickville
D: July 6, 1937, Altamont, Manitoba, Canada
Married July 4, 1861George Holliston (1842-1937)
I.a.4.Sarah Mussell
B: Sept 8, 1844, Merrickville
D: Oct 9, 1937, Nyssa Oregon
Marriage Date unknown James (or Joseph?) Crawford McConnell
B: (date unk), Ithaca, NY
D: Mar 2,1887
I.a.5.Jonathon Mussell
B: Jul 13, 1854, Merrickville, Ont.
D: Nov 28, 1908, Pilot Mound, Manitoba
Marriage date unknown,
Manitoba, Canada
Margaret "Maude" Dennis
B: unknown
D: unknown
I.a.6.Solomon M. Mussell
B: Apr 18 1848 or 49, Merickville
D: Oct 10, 1923, Osgoode, Ontario, Canada
married 1882,
St James Anglican Church,
Manotick, Ontario
Maria Ann Vaughan and/or Martha Jane Cleland
(We have seen data sheets with each name.)
Dates unknown
I.a.7.Joseph Arthur "Josie" Mussell
B: Mar 7, 1851, Merrickville
D: Jun 16, 1941, in San Jose (or Redlands?) California
Methodist minister
Married 1889Maria Wright,
Other info unknown
I.a.8.Harriet Eleanor Mussell
Known as "Hattie"
B: 1854 or 1855, Merrickville
D: June 1, 1891, Ogdensburg, NY
Buried in Merrickville, Canada
Married, date unknown "Arnold" _____
No other info found
I.a.9.Jacob "Jake" Mussell
B: Feb 8, 1859, Merrickville
D: Sept 26, 1946, Napa, Idaho
Methodist Minister, Postmaster
Married Jul 9, 1883
Silver City, Idaho Territory
Ada Norton
B: May 7, 1867
D: Feb 7, 1929
I.a.10.Sylvina "Sibbie" Mussell
B: Mar 9, 1858, Merrickville
D: Oct 20, 1941, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Marriage Date Unknown,
Lived in Altamont, Canada
James Arthur Miner (known as "Arthur")
Birth & Death info unknown
I.a.11.Anne Jane Mussell
B: Dec 26, 1859, Merrickville
D: Oct 9, 1933
Married 1882,
Merrickville, Ont.
John Murnie Spicer
Dates unknown
I.a.12.William Levi Mussell
B: 1862
D: 1933?, in Chicago, Illinois
Buried in Watertown, South Dakota
Married 1902Susie Lillian Hansen
I.a.13.Nancy Mussell
B: 1864
D: died in infancy, date unk.
I.a.14.Un-named Twin,
died just after birth (date unknown)
I.a.15.Un-named Twin,
died just after birth (date unknown)


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