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Note: This Mussell geneology will always be under construction as new information is received from distant relatives from around the globe who are also tracing the family tree. Last Updated: 1/14/2006.

In the Beginning...

We cannot find a definitive link to the "English" Mussell line listed on this web site, but we have a theory that our family's "William Mussell" (aka "Mufsells"), is the same person as listed in ID# III.c.1.d 4. William Mussell (11/15/1727 - ?) on the English genealogy sheet The timing seems plausible (although I think he may be slightly too old to be the right link), but further research must be done to confirm.

Our family tree also has (unsubstantiated) links to the American Revolution and the War of 1812:

There are stories passed down in family stories of the original patriarch, William Mufsells, coming to colonial America from England in the early 1700s and settled in New York. William served in the British Navy as a boat pilot and helped General Howe evacuate British loyalists from New York to Canada after the war. He was awarded a 100-acre land grants in Ontario province, as was the custom with discharged military, in lieu of back pay. We have records of a William Mussells owning land in Nova Scotia circ. 1786 (Concession 2, Lot 6).

When they grew of age, his two sons, John and Thomas, joined the British Navy and Army respectively, . One reliable contemporary source, Alan Mussell, wrote me in 1997: "Back in 1985 I connected with a Canadian Mussell who gave me the following info: Private John Mufsel of the Royal Welsh 41st Regiment after the Battle of Queenston Heights (1812) settled on 100 acres with wife Catherine and sons in Wolford Township in 1819. (Johnstone Dis Grant 100A, Concession 1, Lot 9.)

John Mussell's sons William, Henry and John all married 3 Lundy sisters: Jemima [1820-1906], Charlotte [1819-1937] and Agnes [1824-?]. Was this the Lundy family the same as that of "Lundy's LaneĒ fame--in Niagara-on-the-Lake ?. Family tradition says yes, but we have not come across any confirming documentation.

What makes us a little suspicious of the whole story is the fact that John's oldest son, William (our family link ID#Ia) was born in Coventry, England (as was John, even though HIS father had the land grant in Nova Scocia!), while William's the other siblings were born in Canada. Did Catherine sail home for the duration of the war to be out of harm's way? Or was John living in England until the War and then did he leave a pregnant wife to come to America to fight, and after the war his wife joined him there? More research is needed.

Note: we know from marriage records thaty John's father was "William" but we cannot be sure that this is the correct DOB of father or that Mary is the name of John's mother.
I. William Mussell (aka "Mufsels")
B: Nov 15, 1727
D: Unknown
D:  a

Click on Sibling's Name below to visit their family group sheet:

I. John Mussell
B: 1776 or 1777, Carior (or Coventry), England
D: 1851,
Wolford Township, Grenville, Upper Canada
Buried at Merrickville, Wolford, Upper Canada
Married Aug 11, 1804Catherine Ditor
B: 1776 or 1779, England
D: Feb __ 1866, Wolford, Grenville, Upper Canada
Buried at Merrickville, Wolford, Upper Canada
II.Margaret Mussells  _____ Anthony
No info found
III.Mary Mussells  
Listed in John's marriage registry as "from Granville"
No other info known found
IV.Thomas Mussells  
Listed in John's marriage registry as "Captain Thomas Mussell
No other info yet found
V.Abigail Mussells  
No info found
Note: We'd love to hear from anyone with data concerning the original William's family or those of his son, John! We only have information on John's son, William, as chronicled below. If a name below is underlined, there is a link to a web page with more details information about that family group.


I.a.William Mussell m. Jemima Lundy

I.b. Thomas Mussell m. Alice Maloney

I.c. Henry Mussell m. Charlotte Lundy

I.d. James Mussell m. Margaret Lundy

I.e. Elizabeth Mussell m. Henry Crawford

I.f. John Mussell m. Agnes Lundy

I.g. Andra Mussell


I.a. William Mussell m. Jemima Lundy

I.a.1. Jane Anne Mussell

I.a.2. James C. Mussell

I.a.3. Catherine "Katie" Mussell m. George Holliston

I.a.3.a. Jemima Holliston m. Robert Wilson
I.a.3.b. William Edmund Holliston
I.a.3.c. James Holliston
I.a.3.d. Birdie Eveline Holliston
I.a.4. Sarah Mussell m. Joseph Crawford McConnell
I.a.4.a. Alice McConnell
I.a.4.b. Dennis Edward McConell
I.a.4.c. Charles McConnell
I.a.4.d. Ida M. McConnell
I.a.5. Jonathan Mussell m. Margaret "Maude" Dennis
I.a.5.a. Ada J. Mussell
I.a.5.b. William L. Mussell
I.a.5.c. Henry Milton Mussell m. Mona Bernice Miner
I.a.5.d. John L. Mussell
I.a.5.e. Stella Mussell
I.a.6. Solomon M. Mussell m. Maria Ann Vaughan
I.a.6.a. Luella Marion Mussell m. John Sheldon Good
I.a.6.b. John Byron Mussell m. Almyra Florence Caswell
I.a.6.c. William Gordon Mussell
I.a.6.d. Arthur Joseph Mussell m. Martha (aka "Molly") Jane Cleland
I.a.6.e. Allan Vaughn Mussell m. Violet Evelyn Long
I.a.6.f. Norman Charles Mussell m. Edna Amelia Skuce
I.a.6.g. Edward Milton Mussell m. Lillian McEwan
I.a.6.h. Anna Theresa Mussell
I.a.6.i. Lorne Clayton Mussell m. Flora Warren
I.a.7. Joseph A. "Josie" Mussell m. Maria Wright
I.a.7.a. Judge Stanley Wright Mussell
I.a.8. Harriet Eleanor Mussell m. "Arnold" _____

I.a.9. Jacob "Jake" Mussell m. Ada Norton

I.a.9.a. Myrtle "Mina" Mussell m. Burt Huston
I.a.9.b.Sherman Elliot Mussell
I.a.9.c. Mamie Mussell m. Chester Miller/Charles (Tibo) Strode
I.a.9.d. Cora Mussell m. John Biggs/Ralph Smith
I.a.9.e. Pearl Frances Mussell m. Frank Lynch/Bert Huston
I.a.9.f. Lillian M. Mussell m. Harold Terwilliger/Eugene Lockhart
I.a.9.g. Ruth Mussell m. Berkeley Johnson
I.a.9.h.Alma Mussell
I.a.9.i. Ethel Mussell m. Clarence Whitehead/Alex Malley
I.a.9.j. Ada Mussell
I.a.9.k. John Edgar Mussell m. Ina Rile/Mildred Shelton/Rosemary Wagner
I.a.9.l. Jules LaVerne "Verne" Mussell m. Addie Bunt
I.a.10. Sylvina "Sibbie" Mussell m. James Arthur Miner
I.a.10.a. Nellie Adelaide Miner m. Angus Smith
I.a.10.b. Maude Evelyn Miner m. James Murray
I.a.10.c. Clyda Madeline Miner m. Fred Howard McKenzie
I.a.10.d. Mona Bernice Miner m. I.a.5.c. Henry Milton Mussell
I.a.10.e. Hazel Irene Miner m. Francis Lunn
I.a.11. Anne Jane Mussell m. John Murnie Spicer

I.a.12. William Levi Mussell m. Susie Lillian Hansen

I.a.12.a. Loren H. Mussell
I.a.12.b. Elwin Elbert Mussell m. Barbara ___
I.a.12.c. Myron Howard Mussell
I.a.12.d. Wilbur James
I.a.12.e. Verna Annette Mussell
I.a.13. Nancy Mussell (died in infancy)

I.a.14. Un-named Twin (died just after birth)

I.a.15. Un-named Twin (died just after birth)

Note:If a name is underlined, there is a link to further information about that family group.

According to the Nyssa Gate City Journal (Nyssa, Oregon, Nov 1, 1920:)
James C Mussell (1840-1920) passed away at the home of his sister Mrs. Sarah McConnell in Nyssa and he is buried in Nyssa cemetary. 1. A U.S. immigration record shows a David, Frederick and William Musselman all came to Canada in 1831 from England. How they related to this family line is unknown.

2. William Mussell (1812-1863) was a woodsman and farmer, and at another time he also worked in the local mines. His church affiliation was Anglican acoording to local church records. He and his family farmed near Merrickville, Ontario on the Rideau River. His parents, John & Catherine Ditor lived nearby. The 1901 census shows Jemima living with her son Solomon & family bible notes that she came to Canada in 1826 from Ireland (perhaps her sisters were already in Canada?) Jemima Lundy Mussell's mother's name was Sarah Lundy, according to Ontario marriage register, census and church records, and the family bible in posession of Kay Beachell, Winnepeg, Canada, granddaughter of Catherine Mussell Holliston.

Alan Mussell says his grandfather, Art, remembered his grandmother singing in Irish when he was a small boy. Jemima was described by family members as blue-eyed and brown haired, very petite, and a strict diciplinarian. She was blind for her last 20 years, and died at age 81. William and Jemima had 15 children, the oldest (Jane) having already died at age 19 by the time the youngest were born; Most of the children were self-taught musicians (father Wiliam playd the violin), and there are many family stories of their playing together at periodic family reunions.

3. Family records show that William Mussell (1812-1863) (ID# I.a. above) died of blood poisoning following a logging accident. William Mussell was 51 years of age when he died, leaving a large family, including baby Levi, for Jemima to raise alone. The family built a schoolhouse on their farm, known as the Mussell Schoolhouse, which stood on the property until the 1960ís. In Jemimaís letters to her sons out west she writes about sending Levi to school for the winter. William & Jemima Mussell are buried in a country cemetery outside of Merrickville.

5. Williamís other sons left the area to settle in Manitoba when the west opened up in the 1870ís.They founded Mussellborough (Altamonte) in Manitoba. The older spelling of the double s (fs) was replaced in this name as in all other writing by ss by 1830. The name Mussil appears in the census info as well, but we think that is just a misspelling by the census taker. There are other details about life in Osgoode Township gathered by Alan Mussell, but have not been communicated to me. William's (1812-1863) sister Andra, according to family records, belonged to the Church of Scotlans, worked the home farm, and chewed tobacco.

6. Solomon was the only son who stayed in the Merrickville, Ontario area where his father, William Mussell, was buried (Jemima did not move west either, but lived with Solomon until her death.) Solomon purchased a farm on the Rideau River near Osgoode, Ontario where he & his wife, Maria Vaughan, raised their family of nine children. Sol was a stone mason by trade & left the running of the farm to his seven sons. Both of Solís two daughters lived to be 100 years of age. In 1923, Solomon was crossing the street in Osgoode when he was hit by a bread truck. His ankle was injured so badly that his foot had to be amputated. He died of gangrene the following day at the age of 71 years.

7. Click here for the many exploits of Jake Mussell.

8. William Levi Mussell abandoned his family (he was atravelling salesman who never came home.) Sarah and the family moved to Watertown SD where they eked out an existence. We believe William Levi Mussell died in Chicago, IL (family oral story, info not yet confirmed.)

Did first cousins marry? ID#I.a.10.d. Mona Bernice Miner married #I.a.5.c. Henry Milton Mussell in 1918. Was Henry the issue of a second wife for Jonathan? Seems unlikely since Henry was the middle (third) child of the family. Perhaps he was adopted? We need fourth research on this point.

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